Guided tours for vegan and conscious travelers

Are you a vegan or just a conscious traveler? We have tours for you!

We are vegan and ethic conscious travelers ourselves and we try to live a respectful life.

If you love nature, animals, health and sustainability here you will find all the options for your tour in Genoa!

We know everything about vegan restaurants and shops in Genoa, and about all those little typical places where you can buy your souvenirs from local merchants.

Genoa Vegan Food Tour

Do you know that most of our grandmothers' delicacies are vegan?

During this tour you will taste traditional vegan finger food and discover the best vegan places.

You'll also learn the unique history of the ancient Sea Republic along the way.

Old town guided tour + vegan lunch

Discover the unique history of the Sea Republic and its highlights: the maze of narrow lanes, picturesque little squares and imposing frescoed palaces.

And after nourishing the mind, end your tour with a delicious vegan lunch!

Thursday guided tour + "apericena"

Do you know what an "apericena" is?

First, it is a habit you will find only in Genoa, a city of stingy inhabitants.

Apericena is not a proper "cena" (dinner) and not just an "aperitivo" (happy hour): you eat like if it were a dinner, but you don't pay a lot fot it!

After the guided tour in the old town, you will relax in front of a vegan buffet with a glass of good wine in your hand.

Available only on Thursdays evening.

The new city + vegan lunch

A walking guided tour through the 19th and 20th century city: its squares, streets and palaces, its many facetings and architectural styles, its old hidden villas and gardens and its panoramic views.

At the end of the guided tour relax in a cozy excellent vegan restaurant.

Vegan lunch included at the end of the guided tour.

 Moreover, choosing one of these tours you will help animals in need: 5% of the price will be donated to an animal shelter.


Vegan Concierge


If you are in Genoa and you don't know where to go for a vegan lunch, use our Vegan Concierge! Would you like to know where to get a vegan icecream, or a vegan finger food? Do you need help in ordering your vegan food at the restaurant?

Your Vegan Concierge will be at your disposal via whatsapp during your stay in Genoa.

Price 15€.

Contact us via whatsapp for any further information.